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64*64 Pixel LED Picture Display with Digital Photo Frame and Neon Light Sign for Home Decoration

64*64 Pixel LED Picture Display with Digital Photo Frame and Neon Light Sign for Home Decoration

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Pixel Art Creation-Let imagination no longer be restricted

Featuring a 64x64 LED panel, the new Pixoo-64 provided a new canvas for pixel art enthusiasts around the world. With over four thousand programmable individual LEDs and a glossy panel, every pixel art animation comes to life with incredible details.

Active Pixel Creative Community - Communication, Creative

Create pixel art designs, animation and display text with a cool background. You can share and interact with other pixel art fans around the world. with Divoom free app. Pixoo 64 will more fun than you thought.

Home Decor - Make your room more fun

You can place the Pixoo-64 in every corner inside your house. Decorate the living room with some cartoon anime, or light up the hallway with your own pixel art exhibition; let Pixoo-64 light up your room with the pixel art animations. At the same time, Pixoo 64 is also the best choice as a holiday decoration.

Informative Display - Bigger display, more display space

Whether you are an influencer, a game lover, or a financial professional, Pixoo 64 will be your excellent display. It can be used to display your social media data, game data, and even real-time market quotations of the financial market.

Financial Informative - Be your financial assistant

Stay ahead in the game with the Pixoo 64. Using its WiFi connection, it will automatically fetch the online financial information, and display your selected stock or cyber currency prices. You will not miss important financial information. We will also consider adding in other stock markets through later updates.

Now supported: USA Stocks , Bitcoin Price , Cyber Currency Price, Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Gamer United - Good partner when gaming

Whether is a game room, man cave or she shed; Pixoo 64 is the perfect addition for your heaven. Decorate the place with some retro theme and vintage gears, the 8-bit pixel art animation will instantly light up the place. This is the sanctuary for you to relax and pursue your interest. 

Now supported: League of Legends, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite

More Function - Unique Useful Features

Through the Divoom APP, Pixoo 64 can also perform a variety of useful daily functions, such as alarm clock, time schedule, pixel games, etc.

WiFi Connection, More Possibilities

Pixoo 64 is used via WiFi connection, which makes Pixoo 64 more possibilities, and may be able to access more information display or intelligent voice functions. At the same time, this product will no longer be limited by distance, you can remotely control Pixoo 64 through the Divoom APP.

More Personalized Design-Stylish clock interfaces

Keep track of the time at times. Pixoo 64 has different stylish clock interfaces for you to choose from. You can also participate in our contests and submit your awesome clock interface designs.

Package Content:

Pixoo 64 * 1 , USB-C Cable * 1 , User Manual * 1 , Mounting Screws * 2


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Main Features


> Dimension(mm): 262 * 17.8 * 261.4(mm)
> Weight: 740g
> Color: Full Color
> Color Temp: 1600-6500K
> Microphone: 6050 Full Direction -42+/-3dB
> Output: 10W
> Power: via USB cable,5V(+/-0.25V)/2A
> Connection method: WiFi(Only supports 2.4GHz)

Important Informations

> Only supports WiFi 2.4GHz

What's In The Box?

> 1 Pixoo 64
> 1 USB-C Cable
> 1 User Manual
> 2 Mounting Screws